Yin & Yang Lucky Charm Cat Necklaces

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Yin & Yang Lucky Charm Cat Necklaces

This pretty yin-yang necklace is a symbol of balance between two complementary opposites that, together, represent complete wholeness.

The set contains two necklaces, which can be shared with a special person to celebrate your diverse personalities and beautiful relationship. Styled in sterling silver and suspended from a bead chain, this attractive yin-yang charm pendant necklace will make for a wonderful gift for you and a special someone.

These cute Yin & Yang Lucky Charm Cat Necklaces are a great way to show your loved one how deep your affection is and remind them of the strong bond between the two of you. Get this set to share the deepest feelings with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • The set will also make a nice gift for a couple as a sign of love and connection between them. This will be a present they will be able to share equally.
  • The cute necklaces can also become a great friendship gift to give to your best friend either on any special occasion or just as a keepsake.
  • Black and white cat, yin yang style for luck and peace.