Yin Yang Dragon Tai Chi Braided Bracelet Set

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Yin Yang Dragon Tai Chi Braided Bracelet Set

According to Chinese philosophy, the Yin and Yang are the epitome of dualism, where opposite forces are actually interconnected and complementary to each other.

When joined, the two halves of the Yin & Yang shapes fit completely to achieve a whole and perfect balance

These exquisite Dragon Tai Chi Braided Bracelets depict a pair of dragons surrounded by their fiery passions within the iconic Yin & Yang shape. 

The bracelet set allows you to gift half of it to your best friend or to express your love to your beloved. 

  • A great decoration for your wrist and an eye-catching bracelet.
  • A thick woven braided bracelet.
  • Adjustable band, perfect for any wrist size.
  • The set will also make a nice gift for a couple as a sign of love and connection between them. This will be a present they will be able to share equally.