Unique LED Lighted Engagement Ring Gift Box

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Unique LED Lighted Engagement Ring Gift Box

Unique and luxurious, this high quality, modern and stylish LED ring box lights up enhancing night-time proposals or weddings. A small LED light installed inside the box emits white light when you open it, making the ring more dazzling and glittering at all times. It is made with high-quality materials and the rubber shell is smooth, durable, and strong. 

The box is of a beautifully sleek, molded construction and highly polished it has an ultimate "wow" factor! When the box is open it gives a stunning presentation of the precious gift inside. Specially designed to hold engagement or wedding rings, it can be used for jewelry, ring, pendant, earrings, pin, brooch, etc. Fine finish, smooth and delicate edges are well made, sturdy, and durable, less likely to break.

  • LED ring box with an ultimate "wow" factor
  • made with high-quality materials for durability and strength
  • the perfect holder for rings, earrings, and other jewelry