Solar System Galaxy Bracelet

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Solar System Galaxy Bracelet

Here you have astronomical bracelet that directly reflects the intertwined human nature and the universe. All the planets in our solar system are here- wrapped around your wrist.

Show love for your galaxy in style, our one of a kind solar system bracelet for space lovers! Nerds unite! Great gifts for keen astronomers and star gazers.


  • Galaxy Bracelet - this bracelet was made specifically with space lovers and aspiring astronauts in mind with its high quality stones you will feel like you’re in space too!

  • Lightweight - although this one of a kind bracelet is made of high quality stones it is still very lightweight.. so much so you might even forget you’re wearing it.

  • Great Gift - these bracelets makes amazing gifts during the holiday season! Be the talk of the town this winter with your incredibly thoughtful and functional gift!