Red Rose Resizable Leaf Ring

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Roses have inspired people over the ages. Traditionally, the rose is considered the flower of love. Nothing beats red roses in saying "I Love You" on Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Proposal, or any occasion.

Red Rose Resizable Leaf Ring is made of Environmental Friendly Copper and three times plated with 18 Karat Gold or Silver Platinum or 18 Karat Rose Gold. Red Rose Resizable Leaf Ring is decorated with red enamel.  

The Red Rose Ring is resizable. It is one size that fits all. Red Rose Resizable Leaf Rings are available in three colorways; 18K Gold plated, Silver Platinum, or 18 Karat Rose Gold.

The Rings are crafted using the best technology to keep durability, sparkle, and shine! 

  • Fashionable design with luxury appearance and smooth surface.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • The width of the ring is 10 mm
  • Rings are resizable; one size fits all
  • Decorated with red enamel