Personalized Vintage Leather Wristband Bracelet

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Personalized Vintage Leather Wristband Bracelet

Create your own bracelet and make it uniquely yours! 

Both a fashionable statement and a fantastic update to a definitive style is this Vintage Leather Wristband BraceletThis is made of a leather cuff bracelet with a high-quality stainless steel safety clasp. 

This classic piece of accessories gives you a punk and cooler look.

The Vintage Leather Wristband Bracelet is a free custom letter engraved with unique and cool words, phrases, or dates of your choice. This is the perfect accessory you can get for yourself.

  • punk and stylish leather bracelet design
  • made with high-quality leather and high-polish stainless steel material
  • free custom letter engraving of your choice
  • the perfect gift for yourself or to your loved ones on any occasion