Obsidian Dragon & Opal Phoenix Couple Protection Necklace Set

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Obsidian Dragon & Opal Phoenix Couple Protection Necklace Set

This Protection Necklace for couples features an Obsidian Dragon and Opal Phoenix charm.

Our Obsidian Dragon & Opal Phoenix Couple Necklaces are a lovely piece of jewelry that is perfect for couples who are looking for a healing, protection, and good fortune. These beautiful pieces glow a faint light when exposed to natural light.

The Dragon is a symbol of power, wealth, dominancegood fortune, and strength in many Eastern cultures. The obsidian stone used in creating our Dragon pendant is also considered a healing stone that wards away misfortune and absorbs negative energy to protect its wearer. Combined together, our Obsidian Dragon pendant is a potent amulet that protects its wearer from harm while attracting wealth and good fortune.

The Phoenix is a symbol of rejuvenation, resurrection, and healing. In many Eastern cultures, the Phoenix is also a symbol of a new beginning - a sign of being born anew. The Opal used in creating our Phoenix pendant is another stone of healing and protection believed to form from the tears of joy wept by Zeus when he defeated the titans. Opallus is also a Roman word for "precious stone", which is why Opal is considered a special natural stone of healing even today.


  • Features: Dragon Obsidian and Phoenix Opal pendants
  • Material: Natural Stones (Opal and Obsidian) and Sterling Silver
  • Design for couples, for you and your loved one
  • Comes with a Matching Color Chain