Mystery Rainbow Crystal Ring

Badge Image

This Mystery Rainbow Crystal Ring is a new design and is made with a beautiful base with classic rainbow colors set into a beautiful sterling silver setting with genuine topaz accent stones.

The Rainbow Crystal Ring will definitely impress you and your loved ones with its surreal beauty and soft but vibrant colors. 

The rainbow shades glow inside depending on the light angle giving a shimmering with surreal light all the time

Absolutely fantastic ring and a perfect choice for an engagement ring, promise ring, anniversary ring, etc. It is very subtle and yet attracts attention!

  • The rainbow crystal ring looks very lively and appears to be glowing from within.
  • The topaz accent stones highlight the beauty of the ring making it very intricate and delicate. 
  • Manufactured with high quality and is plated with rhodium and polished, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning your ring!