Mom Loves You Forever Turtle Crystal Ring

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Treasured by generations, the everlasting bond between a mother and child serves as the inspiration for this ring.

The ring features a mother turtle and baby turtle together. The baby figure resting on top of its mother’s shell creates a fetching contrast and with the loving engraved words "Mom loves You Forever" adds sweet touch to the ring.

This ring is only available in our store and in a high demand. Get it now!!

  • Features a silver and turquoise mom turtle with a rose gold or silver baby turtle perching on its shell.
  • Mom Loves You Forever Turtle Crystal Ring makes a superb gift for Mother’s Day, baby showers or mom’s birthday.
  • This ring has a smooth inside band for comfortable wear.
  • Enchanting and appealing


Size Circumference(mm) UK,Europe & Australia
6 51.9 0.5L
7 54.4 0.5N
8 57 0.5P
9 59.5 0.5R
10 62.1 0.5T
11 64.6 0.5V