Men's Roman Numeral Spinner Chain Ring

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Men's Roman Numeral Spinner Chain Ring

This Roman Numeral Spinner Chain Ring is highly scratch resistance making it suitable for everyday wear. Whether the spinner is in gold, silver or black, the subtle roman numeral detailing of this one of a kind ring deserve a second look.

The trendy Men's Spinner Chain Ring with Roman Numerals is a true fine jewelry statement ring. Known to relieve stress or worry, this fashionable band is crafted with a classic curb chain design and is made with high-quality stainless steel with an 8mm surface width for comfort fit and ease. 

Spinner rings are designed to be fiddled with. They're a healthy, less obvious way to move your hands when you feel that you need to be fidgeting. You simply spin the center ring with your fingers and take deep breaths to experience a calm, more meditative state.

  • Stylish and can be used for meditation because of the benefits that you can get while wearing one.
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel with 8mm width
  • The rings outer band features a classic curb chain and designed with Roman numerals.
  • perfect gift for those fashionable men in your life.


UK/EUR/AU Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm)
8 0.5P (Q) 57 18.1
9 0.5R (S) 59 18.9
10 0.5T 62 19.8
11 0.5V (V) 64.6 20.6
12 0.4X (Y) 67.2 21.4