Glossy King & Queen Couples Ring Set

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Glossy King & Queen Couples Ring Set

Show your partner the ultimate love with our matching Glossy King & Queen Couples Ring Set.

The outside of the bands are designed with crown King and crown Queen for him and for her!

Both rings have a sleek design, very high class which surely look good to wear in any occasion.

Glossy King & Queen Couples Rings are perfect set for any happy couple!

  • Designed with crown pattern and "Queen", "King".

  • Good quality, delicate arts and crafts. Nice gift for your beloved one.

  • Great ring set to share between husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend.


Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm)
6 52 16.5
7 55 17.3
8 57 18.1
9 59 18.9
10 62 19.8
11 64.6 20.6
12 67.2 21.4