His Queen and Her King Heart Love Necklaces

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His Queen and Her King Heart Love Necklaces

His Queen, Her King, split heart necklace for sharing, with two chains one for you and one for your special person.

• Exclusively available only in Sugarandhoney, you will not find this necklace anywhere else!
• Hand-made from premium stainless steel
• FREE chain for each half

A King and Queen necklace for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend to share. The set comes with two chains.

The design on the front of this two-piece heart-shaped pendant is unique to us. One half is for him and one for her; the first half has a 'His Queen' design with a pink crystal and a gold half-heart. The second half follows the same design, with a 'His King' design, a blue crystal, and a handsome black half.

Our split-heart sharing necklaces are a popular choice all year round for any occasion, particularly at Christmas, Birthdays. Some of our customers choose this product to remember the loss of a loved one by placing half in the casket and keeping the other half for their memories. What a beautiful way to keep loved ones close.

❤ The King and Queen couple pendants are made of Superior Titanium Steel. 

❤ The necklace set features a beautiful and elegant design for each couple.

 With its detailed and artistic design, this handcrafted His Queen and Her King Heart Love Necklace was polished to perfection by our best jewelry makers.

❤ Highly resistant to scratching, rusting, and tarnishing, a good choice for jewelry that will be worn for a long time.

Hand-made of genuine stainless steel, the pendant also comes with two stainless steel chains.