Her King & His Queen Couples Bracelet Set with Magnetic Heart

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The "His Queen and Her King Bracelets" are becoming very popular at the moment. The set is a perfect way to show everyone that you belong together.

Both have a unique cubic zirconia stone, blue for the king and pink for the queen also a half heart dangle. When together the half heart attracts each other forming a full heart, which makes the bracelets stand out even more.

Show that you are proud of your loved one, ready to rule your kingdom and to conquer the world, together!

  • High-quality bracelets with a beautiful crystal (blue for men, pink for women).
  • Adjustable braided leather. Bracelet can be resized without worrying about it being unsuitable for yourself.
  • A perfect gift to give your lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, siblings, cousin, best friend, etc.