Gothic Black & White Angel Wings Necklace Set

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Gothic Black & White Angel Wings Necklace Set

If you are looking for a stylish gift to signify your love or friendship, here are our Gothic Black & White Angel Wings Necklaces - two necklaces featuring angel wings in black and white with red heart crystals on each pendant.

The Couple's Necklace is designed with White and Black Angel wings. You are the most beautiful angel (white angel) in my heart, and I will always be your angel (black angel), with you forever.

Both Angel Wings are suspended on the chain necklace, one suspended on silver color and the other on a black chain matching the pendants, for each of you to wear.

These necklaces represent a special bond - the bond between a couple, boyfriend and girlfriend, siblings, or just best friends.

  • The Gothic Black & White Angel Wings Necklaces are ready to be gifted to your special person.
  • It is a wonderful symbol of your love and friendship.
  • The necklaces show eternal commitment, it represents the intimacy between you and your partner, showing the close relationship between you.