Elegant Color Changing Mood Ring

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Elegant Color-Changing Mood Ring

Visually stunning, this Elegant Color Changing Mood Ring looks even better in person and when worn. The unique and colorful ringhas an eye-catching design and creates an undeniable presence on your finger.

Now with this magic color-changing mood ring, you'll find that your mood has its color too! The ring's color will be changing while your mood is changing. At times, people just forgot to notice how their mood is always there with them, and also influenced them. This beautiful ring will give you a great mood reminder.

  • stunning and cool ring design
  • made with high-quality stainless steel material
  • the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones on any occasion


Circumference(mm) Diameter(mm)
5 49 15.7
6 52 16.5
7 55 17.3
8 57 18.1
9 59 19.8
10 62 20.6
11 64.6 21.4
12 67.2 22.3