Custom Made Cube Design Photo Medallion Necklace

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This Custom Made Cube Design Photo Medallion Necklace features a three-dimensional square that corresponds to stability, permanence, balance, and perfection. Because a cube looks the same from each angle, and because it represents the final form of immobility, the frames of a cube can be seen as the truth.

The strong frames of the cube hold firmly and the simple design offers a strong visual stimulant. The pendant is made of high-quality stainless steel and is resistant to water and corrosion. If you are looking for a long-lasting simplistic pendant with a beautiful design, this Cube Design Photo Medallion Necklace is definitely for you.

The pendant can be worn with casual, smart-casual, and formal outfits. The package includes the cube photo pendant and a matching Rope chain

  • Personalized your medallion necklace with any photo of your choice
  • The Custom Photo Winged Medallion Necklace is a perfect gift for your special someone.
  • Create your own style necklace with your loved ones or your family.