Custom Letter Crown Crystal Charm Necklace

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Custom Letter Crown Crystal Charm Necklace

Keep your initials and the initials of loved ones close to you wherever you go. Our Letter Crown Crystal Charm Necklace is available in letters A-Z.

The Custom Letter Crown Crystal Charm Necklace has its own attribute in the world of fashion, for women it is suggested that they should wear the necklace whenever they go to any event or even for shopping because it tells the world a little more about who you are.

The Letter Crown Crystal Charm Necklace could be more casual and relaxed, more classic and refined, more quirky and edgy, more dramatic and bold whatever it is that you choose it packs a punch and communicates more about who you are whilst adding a great focal point and detail to your outfit.

  • exquisite and elegant design
  • with dazzling Cubic Zircon crystals on the pendant
  • perfect gift for those special in your life.
  • comes with a matching gold chain