Custom Initial Yellow Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet

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Custom Initial Yellow Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet

Tiger Eye is a favorite when it comes to protective stones. Much like with the Dzi beads, the watchful eye energy of the tiger's stone has long been used in various forms of jewelry and protective home decor.

Unlike other protective stones, such as carnelian or black tourmaline, for example, a tiger's eye can also help balance and clear emotions, thus contributing to a calm mind and peaceful disposition. 


❖ Tiger's eye is said to help soothe one's mind, control temper, and help him concentrate better.
❖ It is believed to protect against negative energies, and increase willpower.
❖ It increases confidence and gives a positive outlook toward life.
❖ It brings luck and prosperity.
❖ Wearing a tiger's eye or carrying one in your wallet is believed to bring monetary gains.
❖ It energizes the Solar Plexus Chakra and helps increase energy levels.
❖ It is believed to give the wearer, the power to handle a difficult physical or emotional situation.
❖ It is said to increase creativity, and increase one's motivation levels.
❖ It is believed to balance the yin and yang. Meditation beads are made of tiger's eye due to the calming effect of the stone.
❖ It is widely used in jewelry (bracelets or pendants). Even carrying this stone is considered to be beneficial.


  • Each piece comes in a delicate pouch. These bags are ideal to preserve the jewel in perfect condition and are the ideal wrap to present as a gift to that special person.
  • The Eagle Eye Gemstone Bracelet creations are made to order with high-quality gemstones in order for you to enjoy them to the maximum of their properties. 
  • The bracelet is attached to a clear elastic band that stretches to fit your wrist more comfortably and naturally.
  • This bracelet has a round stone bead that is customizable with any single letter.