Custom Initial Purple Jade Gemstone Bracelet

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Custom Initial Purple Jade Gemstone Bracelet

A beautiful lavender-colored stone with a real feel-good factor.

Purple jade is known as the ‘fun Jade’ as it encourages laughter and joy.

Most crystals work on removing negative energy, but Jade goes a little further by carrying positive energy into your space, giving a feeling of serenity and wisdom.

There is something joyful about dandelion clocks so we chose this dainty charm as a reminder to stop and notice the moments of happiness in your life, every day.

Wear these alone or combine them with others to create your own stack. 

This bracelet is a perfect reminder to live in the moment.


  • This bracelet has a round stone bead with a white lining that is customizable with any single letter. 
  • The bracelet is attached to a clear elastic band that stretches to fit your wrist more comfortably and naturally.
  • Perfect to use as fashionable jewelry.