Custom Engraved Matte Indian Agate Crystal Bracelet

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Custom Engraved Matte Indian Agate Crystal Bracelet

There is elegance in the simplicity of this Matte Indian Agate Crystal Bracelet. Great earthy, woodsy colors accentuate a natural style.
This perfectly simple design encourages deep calm and contemplation.  Indian agate has a terrific texture and weight - cool and smooth to the touch. 

Indian agate's energy is said to accelerate change. It is a grounding stone and very useful when performing meditation or therapy, as it helps to move more swiftly through the process and focuses on energy to do so. Indian agate is known to hold powerful and protective energy that encourages relaxation, happiness, and compassion.

The Custom Engraved Matte Indian Agate Crystal Bracelet features a Zircon Blue Crystal and a Stainless Steel plate that can be personalized with - sentimental dates, names/initials, coordinates, short phrases, etc... 

  • A high-grade charm bracelet consists of Matte Indian Agate beads with blue Zircon crystal.
  • Durable, and beautiful looking.
  • It is an adjustable chain unisex bracelet. 
  • The plate is made of High-quality stainless steel and can be personalized.
  • Laser Technology is used for the engraving. 
  • Works well for any occasion.