Custom Engraved Emergency Kid ID Bracelet

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Custom Engraved Emergency Kid ID Bracelet

Your children may get lost, have allergies or may even get into an accident. Immediate access to medical information will help emergency services to decide the right treatment. Essential for children with allergies, diabetes or any medical treatment. This Hypoallergenic Emergency ID Bracelet for Kids will speak for your child if they can't and may even help to save their life. Safety for your kids and peace of mind for you.

Order one for your child – niece – nephew – grandchild – friend.  There’s something comforting about knowing that child is wearing one of our Engraved ID Bracelet for Kids, enabling emergency responders to reach family members should an emergency arise.

  • Your child’s data is engraved incase of emergency. It’s a cool silicone ID bracelet that your kids will love to wear.
  • As a child’s ID Bracelet it fits perfectly as it can be adjusted by its cut to size indexing marks. 
  • Custom Engraved Emergency Kid ID Bracelet  is well designed for children’s medical that they just seem to love wearing and showing off to all their friends.