Custom Engraved Crown King & Queen Necklace Set

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Custom Engraved Crown King & Queen Necklace Set

The couple necklaces feature Crown King and Crown Queen Charm, which are beautiful designs, symbolizing the connection and eternity of your love to one another.

The Crown King & Queen Necklaces can be custom engraved with any text you like, names, dates, coordinates, Roman Numerals, inspirational words, saying, etc.

This custom necklace is a perfect couple set that keeps you two getting closer to each other.

Gift yourself and your special person these beautifully made Crown King & Queen Couples Necklaces. 

❤ The King and Queen couple pendants are made of Superior Titanium Steel with a King and Queen Crown Charm.

❤ The necklace set features a beautiful and elegant design for each couple.

With its detailed and artistic design, these handcrafted Crown King & Queen Necklaces were polished to perfection by our best jewelry makers.

❤ Highly resistant to scratching, rusting, and tarnishing, a good choice for jewelry that will be worn for a long time.