Custom Engrave Wave Pattern Gold Wedding Rings

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Custom Engrave Wave Pattern Gold Wedding Rings

Looking for couple rings for you and your loved one is often both a sweet gesture and a promise to love each other as long as you live. Our Gold Wave Pattern Wedding Rings are perfect for couples who would like to honor their love and commitment on their anniversary or engagement day. 

Fashioned in stainless steel, this band features a satin finish and has a gentle wave pattern done in white gold. The edges of the band are polished in yellow gold. Polished to a brilliant shine, this ring is a lovely symbol of your marriage, commitment, or your deep love for your partner.

  • safe and comfortable to wear.
  • a perfect gift for your lover or spouse on occasions such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, or even daily wear. 
  • free custom engraving - we can engrave your names, your special date, or your promise to each other inside the ring.
  • the man's ring surface is 6mm while the woman's ring is 4mm.



US Size Perimeter (mm)  Diameter (mm)
5 47.10 15
6 50.24 16
7 53.38 17
8 56.52 18
9 59.66 19
10 62.80 20
11 65.94 21
12 69.08 22
13 72.22 23