Couples Distance Beaded Bracelet Set

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Inspired by the brilliant father of geometry, Euclid of Alexandria, this delightful couple's distance bracelet is an overwhelming celebration of periphery and symmetry. Minimalist yet dauntless, effortless yet lavish. The beads are crafted to excellence in strong vibrant hues of ivory white and obsidian black. 

You will receive two bracelets.  One bracelet is all white with a single black bead, and the other is all black with a single white bead.  Each of you will wear one of them with a piece of each other that always with you.

Give the gift of meaning to him or her, and show them you always want a piece of them with you. 

LIMITED EDITION, perfectly designed for couples.  

  • Two Bracelets for the price of One
  • The size of the beads 8 mm.
  • The beads are strong, sturdy elastic thread, easy to put on and take off.
  • Extremely tenacious, solid and powerhouse element that lays beautifully on the wrist
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 18-20 cm stretchable in length