Couples Cross Ring Necklace Set

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Every Couple Necklace Set is made with love and is the perfect way to express your deep love and loyalty towards one another.
Couples Cross Ring Necklace Set are a perfect way to showcase your love or friendship. They make a romantic gift and lets your special someone know how much you really care. But then again, does there HAVE to be a reason to give a present to someone you love? These Couple Necklaces are also a great way to connect long distance relationship love birds and helps express your deep love and commitment no matter the distance.

These Couples Cross Ring Necklace Set are a beautiful option for couples to wear. These pendants are made in Stainless Steel and they come with a Silver Bead Chain. 

Our Cross Ring Necklaces features a natural steel cross that is bright, smooth and adorned with a blazing Cubic Zirconia stone that shines with heavenly light. The cross will feel cool and reassuring against your chest.

  • Couple design, for you and your loved one
  • Cross charm with a ring around it
  • Included: 2 Cross Ring Necklace