Couples Blue King & Queen Heart Promise Ring Set

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Couples Blue King & Queen Heart Promise Ring Set

The Blue King & Queen Heart Promise Rings are a fantastic, elegant, and ultra-modern ring set that will stand out above the crowd.

The couple's rings feature a 'K' on the male's ring King and a 'Q' for the female symbolizing 'King' and 'Queen'.

The King and Queen ring showcase a heart symbol and a highly polished blue interior finish. The couple's rings provide a tough exterior construction that boasts a modern stylish touch.

  • The King band measures 8mm & the Queen ring measures 6mm wide and 2.3 mm thick.
  • Highly polished interior and exterior finish
  • Can be worn as matching couple's ring sets or given as individual ring gifts.
  • Carved in a smooth comfortable fit design for maximum comfort.


US Size Circumference(mm) Size in UK, Europe & Australia
5 49.6 J1/4
6 51.8 L
7 54.3 N
8 56.8 P
9 59.3 R1/4
10 61.9 T1/4
11 64.7 V1/2
12 66.9 X1/4