Couple Love Style Hug Necklace

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Couple Love Style Hug Necklace

The Couple Love Style Hug Necklace symbolizes the deep connection and fond memories between two people. Truly an emblem of your love, this necklace is more than jewelry. It is a keepsake.

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Romantic Hugging Couple Pendant - Couples necklace is designed to look like couples hugging each other, give this to your lover and give her a hug, tell her/him you love her/him.

Highlights certain features - Wearing jewelry and accessories can bring attention to certain body parts such as your neck, face, hands

Showcases your personality - Whether you wear statement pieces or small pieces, your jewelry can tell a lot about you on the first impression. Many times the jewelry you wear gives people you meet or encounter a brief summary of your typical fashion style and the first impression of your personality. 

Lovers are amazed - Giving this Love Style Hug Necklace to your loved ones will not only amaze them but also make them feel special. why are you still waiting to surprise your loved ones? hurry up Buy today, 

Perfect For Gifting - Give the hugging couple necklace to your lover for a hope to lock her & him firmly in your heart, show your love to her & him on Valentine's Day or your Anniversary. This is a wonderful gift to your lover, friends, family, and anyone you loved.

Necklace Size - The Couple Love Style Hug Necklace chain length measures 42 cm with an extension of 5 cm and the pendant length measures 32mm.