Black & White Line Crystal Couple Rings

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The Black & White Line Crystal Couples Rings are Highly Polished and have a classic design that are simple yet atmospheric.

Black & White Line Crystal Couples Rings are lightweight, more durable, and perfectly made to lasts forever.

These rings can be worn as a wedding ring or a promise ring, representing the integrity and strength of your love to on another. Plus, it is also a good gift for special people.


• The rings have a two-lined crystals. The black and white rings symbolizes the yin & yang balancing effect two lovers have on one another. 

• Smooth surfaces of both rings, polished to perfection to radiate a shine that catches onlookers’ eyes.

Sparkling crystals in both rings glisten beautifully making for a subtle yet exciting addition to your appearance. 

Simple ring designs give a sleek, sophisticated look that won’t clash with your outfit, making them perfect for daily wear. 

Made of durable stainless steel so they won’t scratch or dent easily. 

Ideal gifts for engagements, weddings or anniversaries.