Black Tungsten Wedding Band Ring with Link Pattern

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Black Tungsten Wedding Band Ring with Link Pattern

The Black Tungsten Men's Wedding Band has a modern twist of black tungsten and with a unique link pattern to produce a new style of black tungsten rings.

We took the classic flat style ring and bonded a black tungsten to produced a striking band that is catching to the eye. 

Our black tungsten wedding bands come in different widths, making it the perfect pick for him. 

You will find a wide range of styles and embellishments, allowing you to choose just the right ring with just the right touches.

  • Durable and designed for everyday use which will keep their original polish and shine for life.
  • Perfect ring for men who appreciate contemporary designs.
  • Fashionable & perfect for any occasion.
  • Surface Width: 8 mm


    US /CA SIZE UK /EUR /AU Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm)
    7 O 55 17.3
    8 Q 57 18.1
    9 S 59 18.9
    10 0.5T 62 19.8
    11 0.5V 65 20.6
    12 0.5X 68 21.4