Black Princess Cut Opal Couples Ring Set

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Black Princess Cut Opal Couples Ring Set

An opal is a party on your finger. It is the most colorful gemstone of all and arguably the most dazzling. Certainly it is the most mesmerizing.

If you're in love and want ask your partner to be with you forever, consider the Black Princess Cut Opal Wedding Rings. Our Opal Couple Rings are also a symbol of a lasting love on a very deep level and are traditionally exchanged between twin souls who have existing love responsibilities to fulfill. 

Each band is treated with a special oxidizing process that keeps a long lasting shine. To finalize the look, when the bands are together, they create one unique flow of art that symbolizes your love.


US Size Circumference(mm) Diameter (mm)
5 49 5.12
6 52 5.51
7 55 5.91
8 57 6.30
9 59 6.69
10 62 7.09
11 65 7.48
12 68 7.87
13 70 8.27